• “Great cities exude a sense of generosity, a spirit of giving something back, a touch of the creative or artistic that has been let loose and some things that make no financial sense.”

    Charles Landry, urban development strategist

  • About the Wellbeing Sofia project

    Using quality of life and well-being as key instruments for measuring development is one of the most progressive tendencies on a global, national and local level worldwide.


    The Wellbeing Sofia project aims at prioritizing quality of life and well-being as key drivers of future development for the Bulgarian capital. We don't see the future of Sofia simply as a mixture of well-run sectoral polcies (from social services and transport to education and public security) - we see it as a combination of the individual development of every citizen and societal development as a whole.

  • Project activities

    Quality of life in Sofia - importance, vision, action

    Report, 09.2015

    Our Wellbeing Sofia report outlines the importance of focusing on quality of life and well-being, charts a vision for using them as key drivers for development, lists valuable examples and provides concrete recommendations for the Bulgarian capital and its local authorities.


    Our own definition for quality of life in Sofia reads as follows:

    "Quality of life is the quality of interaction between each citizen and the living environment. It implies the presence of citizens, organizations, companies and government institutions having the conditions and desire to develop and to concurrently enhance the living and working environment in the city."

    Quality of life in Sofia - how can we achieve it?

    Conference, 09.2015

    Our Wellbeing Sofia conference connected local government leaders and experts with creative professionals, architects, social scientists and artists in a series of talks, built around three main topics related to quality of life and well-being: (1) our own personal development, (2) economic priorities, quality of work and social responsibility and (3) the role of local authorities for kickstarting the process.


    The main message from the conference - quality of life is achived through co-creation with citizens, organizations and institutions, not by churning out policies and strategies by the local government.

    After the event we organized an urban experience on the streets of Sofia together with our partners from Street Wisdom.


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    Quality of life in Sofia - where do we begin?

    Working meeting, 07.2015

    Our Wellbeing Sofia working meeting focused on provocative questions and important insights. Which are the key ingredients that give character and charm to a city? What makes it valuable as a place for thriving citizens? How can a city go beyond serving its citizens better and turn them into active collaborators?


    We discussed possible answers with representatives of the local government and active members of civil society.


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  • The "Wellbeing Sofia" project was made possible with the financial assistance of Europe Program 2015, Sofia Municipality.

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