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    Destination Number One

    “Destination Number One" is the unofficial nation branding manifesto of Bulgaria, published on the day of the controversial Parliamentary elections in 2013. Here, Georgi Kamov voices brave ideas of a new sphere, in which Bulgaria can progress exponentially, becoming the very best globally. That’s what social innovation is about.


    Elina Zheleva`s design thinking blog on Medium on Medium is a source of fascinating analysis and critical thinking, posing questions to the way this progressive methodology influences every aspect of our lives – all the way from plane journeys and food to the complexities of startup management.

    Bagra View

    Bagra View was an innovative online publication, where we focused on a pertinent issue through a novel and exciting lens. We relied on original texts, recommendations, examples, visualisation and curated playlists to complement the experience. We analysed topics ranging from trust in the banking system to the importance of school meals. All editions are in Bulgarian only, but you can at least listen to our playlists on SoundCloud.

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    9 reasons we get social change wrong

    Georgi Kamov, TEDxAUBG

    How can user research
    speed you up?

    Elina Zheleva, ICT Summit Warsaw

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