• We foster change in business and education.

  • Design thinking in action

    Our company to stimulate change in forward-looking businesses.

    In 2014 we established the first Bulgarian design thinking agency - Designthinking.bg, focusing on products, services and customer experiences that leave a lasting impression. We transform companies, wrapped in following standard business and economic rules, into creative producers of human-centered experiences, putting customers at the core of their strategies.

    Our initiative to create change in education and early childhood development.


    Red Paper Plane is a new learning experience for 3-6 year old children, parents, teachers and caregivers. It is based on missions - creative projects that encourage kids to think and act like designers and engage in a process.


    With each one they discover the world through the eyes of various professions and human activities and solve a particular challenge in a new way. By playing the missions, children develop and bring to life their first own projects.

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