• Bagra connects the ambitions of companies and organizations with the needs of society.


  • Who we are

    We are a non-profit organization that applies the concept of inclusive quality of life - combining the individual development of people, companies and organizations with the transformation of our societies and social environment.


    We see a disconnect between personal success and social improvement. It leads us to believe that either we are sacrificing our own success in the name of society or (more often) we sacrifice societal progress to achieve our own objectives.


    That is why we initiated an innovative model for sustainability and problem-solving by applying different instruments for discovering human needs, creating prototypes and co-creating with consumers, funders, social organizations and businesses. The ultimate aim is always shared well-being - where people`s own desires and the ambitions of organizations meet the needs of society at large.

  • Our priorities

    Inclusive quality of life is more than a simple concept – it’s a real tool for tackling key challenges in the sphere of social and business progress. Through promoting this idea, we help companies and organisations to create change in their strategy development, as well as their everyday activities.

    Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    We support the development of social innovation as a method of combining stable financial returns with greater societal value. We seek out the most successful local templates to build larger scale and capacity projects on, applying these across the globe. We foster collaborations between the state and the business and social sectors, in order to build an ecosystem of social innovation and solution design in education, the labour market, migration and entrepreneurship.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an innovation tool

    We encourage companies to place CSR, as a base for business innovation building and corporate culture, as opposed to shunning it as a PR-oriented work “on the side”. We design and implement individual socially responsible initiatives, such as a charity-based products or services, pro-bono volunteering, community fundraising and campaigns. We challenge companies to be creative in two main directions: (1) using their CSR budgets to invest in social innovation, whilst encouraging staff participation in campaigns and fundraising and (2) ensuring staff contribute to the policy-making process for CSR.

    Transforming public services

    We work with institutions, private and social organisations to re-evaluate public service provision. We support national and local government to ensure more effective practices, to apply innovative approaches and to create services, designed around the citizen’s needs.

    Nation and city branding & public reputation

    We aid in the construction of a long-term vision for Bulgaria and the image and reputation building of the country on a national, regional and local level. We assert Bulgaria’s issues in a broader context and create blueprints, applied with ingenuity and validity, which could be transcended onto regions and nations across the world.

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