• We work for an inclusive quality of life.

  • Our mission

    What we see around us is a life rich in endless arrays of similar goods, products, services and events and poor in moments that make us feel special.


    We see an environment - both natural and social - constantly reminding us it’s time for change and development. We also see people for whom change and development are only means to escape from everything that surrounds them.


    We see a disconnection between personal success and social success. It leads to the (mis)understanding that there are only two possible ways - to either sacrifice ourselves in the name of society or (more commonly) to sacrifice society in our favour.


    This is why we want to arrive somewhere else - where human desires meet societal needs. We will not and we cannot offer more of the same in order to go there. We will not create another product or service that desperately fights for its place under the sun with thousands of other similar offerings. We will not initiate another project, treading on the same old beaten path and expect to reach a different result.

    We will go much further than that. We will follow the radical idea that we can transform the world around us by making change desirable, not forceful.


    Our lives are a string of experiences connected to people, objects, places and situations. The quality of these experiences is defining our quality of life much more than all statistical indicators on the subject put together. This is why we achieve true and lasting change not when we are forced to, but when we cannot wait to feel it, see it and touch it - because it brings us something unique.


    Industries, however, have turned experiences into a luxury good. They are constantly trying to convince us that it takes so much more time and effort to offer something personal, remarkable and special that it`s really not for everyone. Experiences, though, are not for First Class passengers alone. They are not a privilege for those who can afford them. They are not exclusively about expensive objects, VIP services and exotic destinations. They are for all, everywhere.

    Our new universal human right reads the following: “All people have the right to an inclusive quality of life that supports their personal development and at the same time transforms their own environment in a positive way”.


    We are Bagra and we work for making inclusive quality of life a reality.

    Come with us.

  • Our team

    Three founders with diverse views on the process - from creative thinking to project implementation.

    Georgi Kamov

    Georgi Kamov is always ready to change the world around him and has made this a professional calling. Before launching Bagra he was one of the founders of the first innovation consultancy in Bulgaria, Nextdoor. In 2013 he published Destination Number One, promoting Bulgaria as a potential global leader in social innovation. He is currently writing “Destination Europe”, focused on the future of the European Union. He is a motivational speaker, a lecturer at three TEDx events and numerous other conferences, seminars and workshops, where he speaks about innovation, social change and new ways of solving old problems. He has consulted a wide range of companies and organizations - from Allianz Bulgaria to Varna Municipality. Expert in EU`s foreign policy towards its Eastern Neighbours, including a stint at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. Father of two happy kids. More about him at about.me.gkamov.


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    Elina Zheleva

    Elina Zheleva is the founder of the first design thinking agency in Bulgaria - designthinking.bg. After 10 years of colourful work experience, she decided to study design thinking. She got trained at the two leading institutions in Europe and the United States - the HPI School of Design Thinking and the famous Stanford's d.school. She recently came back to Bulgaria and is actively promoting the principles of human-centred design with companies, non-profits, startups and the public sector. She is an expert in design and experiences in the aviation industry. Publishes thoughts and observations in her blog at Medium.


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    Angel Spasov

    Angel Spasov is a community builder and coworking evangelist. He puts his experience in political communication and NGO's into small yet disruptive businesses. He is a co-founder of KEKC - culinary experimental collective "Sofia", the tech company Easymatic and is part of the original team at Betahaus | Sofia. His ambition to build communities takes him to the National Palace of Culture (NPC), where he is digital director. Angel is currently working on the opening of a new space within NPC, aiming to serve as a liaison between the general public and the ecosystem of digital entrepreneurship and creative industries. He is a fan of the clean as a whistle concepts and the bold communication.


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    Tsvetelina Kamova

    Tsvetelina Kamova is a project management specialist - from the initial idea to the turnkey implementation. She has a strong experience in the energy sector as external and business relations expert at Overgas, coordinator and founding assistant of the Bulgarian Association Natural Gas (BANG) and manager of renewable energy projects for private investors. She was the founder and manager of the Atelier Voila! bridal shop. Creator of Red Paper Plane - a new type of educational game for small children. An avid Montessori fan.


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